Structured Exception Handling in Visual C++

  • The /EHa compiler option supports handling of both standard C++ exceptions (software exceptions) and hardware exceptions by using the C++ try and catch clause. To implement SEH without specifying /EHa, you may use the __try, __except, and __finally syntax.
  • Specifying /EHa and trying to handle all exceptions by using catch(…) can be dangerous. In most cases, asynchronous exceptions are unrecoverable and should be considered fatal. Catching them and proceeding can cause process corruption and lead to bugs that are hard to find and fix.
  • When you use /EHsc or /EHs, the compiler assumes that exceptions can only occur at a throw statement or at a function call. This assumption allows the compiler to eliminate code for tracking the lifetime of many unwindable objects, which can significantly reduce code size. If you use /EHa, your executable image may be larger and slower, because the compiler doesn’t optimize try blocks as aggressively. It also leaves in exception filters that automatically clean up local objects, even if the compiler doesn’t see any code that can throw a C++ exception.
  • Structured Exception Handling (SEH) is a Microsoft extension to C to handle certain exceptional code situations, such as hardware faults, gracefully. Although Windows and Microsoft Visual C++ support SEH, we strongly recommend that you use ISO-standard C++ exception handling (with /EHsc or /EHs). It makes your code more portable and flexible.




C++ Programmer at Microsoft

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Amit Kumar Parida

Amit Kumar Parida

C++ Programmer at Microsoft

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